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Qeltynn Kennels

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The Qeltynn Story


      My story begins back in the year 2000 where I was lucky enough to receive the biggest, life changing present for Christmas that year in "Ruby" Dellhousie Magestic Gem HIC PT. Ruby has opened up not only one door but a whole series of doors in my life and without her I wouldn't be the person I am today.

       At the young age of 8 years, I was taking Ruby to obedience lessons, learning the life of obedience, handling her in the show rings and learning the ins and outs, the ups and downs of dog breeding. Ruby and I have learnt the ropes together in obedience, agility, herding, tv trick training and the show ring.

    At the age of 16 (2008) I was convinced that my future career aspirations were to revolve around the animal world and I decided to participate in the National Dog Trainers Federation's Certificate III in Dog Training and Behaviour- of which Ruby also helped me to complete.

     In the year 2009 Ruby and I were lucky enough to discover the herding arena where she received the passes needed for her herding instinct certificate, herding tested and pre-trial tested titles at the age of 9 years in just 2 weekends of competing.

    In addition to discovering herding, we also took part in a TV training work shop with the one and only Luke Hura where Ruby exceeded my every expectation and flew through the exercises with flying colours.

     Throughout the 13 years I've been lucky enough to have Ruby in my life thus far she has inspired me, motivated me and provided the passion and drive to open my own business at the age of 17, start my studies in a Bachelor of Science (Zoology) and future aspirations of veterinary science. The bond I hold with this dog and the meaning behind it goes much farther than a simple ''man's best friend" relationship. Although she has no direct blood relation to the Borders here at Qeltynn Kennels she is the 'foundations' behind not only the kennels but also the person I am today.


After years of researching lines and deciding on the right direction for me I was lucky enough to come across Ava.



    The story continues with our beautiful foundation bitch "Ava" Australian Champion Khayoz Infinity N Beyond, whom I cannot thank her co-owners and breeders, John & Kate Valk of Khayoz Kennels enough for allowing me the dream opportunity of owning such an amazing dog.

     Ava came into my life in November 2011 and we haven't looked back. Continuing on with not only my passion for the show ring, Ava is also introducing me to other arenas such as dancing with dogs. Ava will provide the foundation lines to which Qeltynn Border Collies will be sculpted from.


In 2012 the grooming side of me begged to be unleashed and after many years of researching into the breed, I finally took the jump and added the Lowchen to my life. Although I'm just beginning in this wonderful breed, I'm sure it'll provide yet another addition to the Qeltynn story.